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My name is Ghalib and I'm a poet passionate about telling stories that have impacted me and which I hope might resonate with you. To learn more, check out my YouTube page for my poetry films and my Instagram page for all my latest writings and ramblings. And thank you for visiting!

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Unveiling the Writer

Born and raised in Surrey, England, with my heritage belong in Kashmir, I learnt from a young age the power and profundity of words.

As a young child, my parents first introduced me to the works of my name-sake, the poet I am named after: Mirza Asadullah Khan, or as he's better know by his nom de plume - Mirza Ghalib. Ghalib's works in 19th century India would forever change the landscape of how the Urdu language would be read and perceived. To this day, when I meet a South Asian who learns of my name, I am often greeted with a rise smile and an impromptu rendering of Ghalib's poetry. And it's no surprise, as Mirza Ghalib represents one of the cultural marvels of the Indo-Subcontinent, 'the Shakespeare of South-Asia' as I'd like to call him.

This is the man I was named after - a linguistic maestro, a man whose poems felt closer to morse code for a child growing up in Surrey, struggling to get to grips with the grammatical rules of a language from a land foreign to my surroundings. 

However, it is from this place of unfamiliarity yet curiosity that my interest in what words can do and the ripple effect they can leave that fascinated my younger self to begin the journey of writing in my native English. 

Since that point, poetry became more than just an act of expression, but a way of understanding and navigating the world in which I'd see and articulating the dreams and sorrows I held. 

Now that you know a little bit more about me, I hope you will sit for a little while, or for as long as it satisfies your heart. For ultimately, poetry is deeply - simply: the pursuit of one's own heart. 



"If all moments in life are fleeting, then draw meaning through the everlasting power of dreaming"



Past. Present. Future.

My work centres on bringing poetry to life through a visual and sensory medium. My spoken word poetry films bring together the written word, film / underscored by musical harmonies



If you could stop time for a moment and prioritise any pursuit in life, what would it be? This current piece explores the idea of finding a space between time, in order to strive towards your deepest hopes and aspirations, amidst the backdrop of the modern - and often relentless - fast-paced world.


There is a maxim that any moment in life which does not bring you pain and anguish - cherish that moment. This is reflected in the poem, recognising that just as sorrow’s door may lurk in the constant shadows, being present within each finite story that we occupy and live through is of the most sacrosanct value.


Take yourself back to the first time you saw someone you felt for. Where were you? What was the ambience like? And the question that every great story ignites from: how did you feel? This poem takes the audience through the lens of a character who stumbles upon someone for the first time - forever changing the landscape he sees and the world he would go to envisage. This is the power of ‘for the first time’.

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The Homelands

Ghalib's upcoming film 'The Homelands' explores the importance of home and the various meanings it can hold including in times of loss, love, and within a diasporic global village.

Filmed across the UAE, the audience are taken on a journey which also shines a light on its cultural heritage.

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"Writing is the geometry of the soul"




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